Clear packaging

(“Less is more” is the key of clear packaging. To achieve the goal, material has to be crystal clarity, and also a smooth tooling. We tried our best by these, to make your product be more eye catching after be packed.)
-Tube packaging
-High frequency welding
-Side folding

Electronic parts packaging

(The shape of electronic parts tray have to be very accurate. Our CNC tooling can fulfill this requirement. Also, our pressure forming machine provide high speed and stable quality.)

Food packaging

(Clean facilities is the key requirement for food packaging. We invested several equipment to keep our facility cool and clean. And we already have the QS certificate.
-Take away box
-Biscuit tray
-Chocolate tray
-Cake tray
-Pizza tray
-Tofu packaging
-Yogurt packaging

Agricultural packaging

(Some seed tray require a very detailed shape with appropriate hardness. We solved this problem already)


(Flocking gives a luxury look to your product. We can provide flocking in different thickness, to give you more flexibility.)

Party item

(Producing party item not only require good quality, but also factory audit for some big customer. Our factory has already pass Wal-Mart and Target factory audit.)

Forming with printing

(The position of both printing, punching, and forming need to be accurate. Also, the print can’t be damage while forming. We can provide both Pad print forming and Offset print forming.)

Plastic box

(We use crystal clarity and high scratch resistance material, with accurate printing and punching. Make the product be more eye catching. We can provide clear plastic box, screen printing plastic box, and offset printing plastic box.)