Fancy Packaging is an expert in thermoforming plastic, and has been provided thermoforming packaging solution over the World. We have more than 30 years experiences in producing thermoforming plastic (Plastic tube packaging, Blister packaging, Plastic tray, Clamshell packaging, World Box etc.). Also, we produce plastic folding box.

In the 30 years, we keep improving to produce high quality product. We develop newest machine, factory with temperature and dust control, keep experienced workers by good benefit. With these efforts, we gain useful experience and good workers. And gain trust from most customers.

We have two factories in Shenzhen and Shanghai, and keep investing new production every year. Our capacity now is over 10 million US dollar per year.

In recent years, we further develop injection molding business, we purchased couple imported advanced injection molding machines. Development and design the multi colors injection molding and production of a variety of plastic products.

We, Fancy Packaging Co. Ltd., will keep being customer oriented, provide good service, good product, and competitive price to you.


Facility & Technology

Producing high quality product needs both good machine, worker, and environment. So we keep investing the newest machine, and keep improving the working environment. This coordination gives us stable capacity and quality.
Hygiene Factory (A perfect production environment, not only for making hygiene product,and stay experienced worker also.)
-Dust-free workshop
-Facility entrance
-Water cooling & dust control system
-Air shower

Printing (We can print by offset or screen printing. With our computerized contraposition cutting machine, we can cut in accurate position which a printing product may require.)
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) tooling (We have Computer Numerical Control system for tooling. It is good for detailed or complicated shape product.)
Unique design machine (Invest fourfold more to develop unique design machine, and using Germany imported parts, to improve production stability and efficiency)

-Cast exclusion machine
-Pressure forming machine

Injection molding Machine (Japan's latest v-shaped clamp clamping device, using high-precision injection mechanism, and the use of independent design and development of molds, improved plasticizing resin pressure control performance and accuracy)

Quality Control

High-quality raw materials
QC Team

Product testing (We can add testing equipment by customer’s request.)
Programmable Temperature & Humidity Chamber
Drop Test Machine
Delivery Vibration Test Machine